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If you’re looking for top-tier lighting control solutions, Avolites offers some of the best in the industry. With a range of versatile products designed for professional use, Avolites ensures that your events shine bright. Here’s a look at some of the standout Avolites products available for hire in Warwickshire:


The Avolites T3 is a powerhouse in a compact design, featuring 3 optical encoder wheels, 10 playback faders, and 12 macro/executor buttons. It’s equipped with 96 low-profile Cherry backlit keys and AVOKey security. The T3 supports up to 16 DMX universes via Art-Net and sACN, with optional upgrades to 32 or 64 universes. Its lightweight build and robust construction make it perfect for professionals on the go.

T3 Wing

Designed to complement the T3, the T3 Wing adds even more control with additional playback faders and buttons. It connects via USB-C and integrates seamlessly with the T3, enhancing your control surface without adding much bulk. The wing features the same high-quality build and ergonomic design, ensuring reliable performance in any setting.

Titan Mobile

The Titan Mobile is a versatile lighting control console that offers the full functionality of Avolites’ Titan software in a compact format. It features 10 playback faders, 20 executor buttons, and 4 DMX outputs, making it suitable for a wide range of applications from small events to large productions. The console is lightweight and portable, designed for easy transport and setup.

Titan Mobile Wing

This add-on to the Titan Mobile expands your control capabilities with additional faders and buttons, providing more flexibility and control during live performances. The wing is designed to be as robust and portable as the Titan Mobile, ensuring consistent performance.


The Avolites Arena console is designed for larger productions, offering an extensive control surface with multiple faders and buttons, and a dual touchscreen interface. It supports a high number of DMX universes, making it ideal for complex lighting setups. The Arena console integrates all the advanced features of the Titan software, including pixel mapping and advanced cue lists, providing unparalleled control for large-scale events.

Enhance your next event with cutting-edge lighting control solutions from Avolites. Whether you need a compact, portable console like the T3 or the comprehensive control of the Arena, our range of Avolites products  in Warwickshire will meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about hiring Avolites equipment for your event in Warwickshire.

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